1. artistbynecessity:

    Parables Exhibit Opening. November 16, 2012. 

    Thanks to everyone who came and supported our work! It meant so much to me to share through my art the way I see the world. Shout out to those who let me into this experience - to my partner in crime, Pam, to Sir Rio, and to Ms. Precy. I hope everyone enjoyed as much as I did!

    If you missed it, Parables (featuring my works and those of Pam Celeridad) still runs from Nov 16-27, Artes Orientes, 2/L, The Shops at Serendra (above Gelatissimo), BGC, Taguig. All works are for sale.

    Thanks to Panjo Celeridad for the photo! 


  2. WIP photo from 2 days ago. Watch out for PARABLES opening this Friday! Drop by and say hi :)


  3. Busy with work aplenty and I’ll be comin up with new stuff in the coming days!

    In other news, I’ve recently rekindled my love for Behance. Huuge improvement compared to when I started using it. They must’ve upgraded project uploading or smth.. I’m still not sure if I should fix up my cargocollective because of this :))

    Besides the lovely interface and all the wonderfully talented people in it, I’ve been constantly using Behance’s Work In Progress feature (which is amazing). I’ll be uploading there a lot from now on, so go check it out if you’re curious about my creative process! Or you could give me a follow over on Instagram, since I usually post my progress photos there first :P


  4. Just this morning, my friend got back from a surfing trip and sent in pictures of the surfboard I painted for her :)) Okay, so this is the last time I’ll ever spray clear arcylic on a board by myself (well, it works for skate decks and longboards.) This counts as my first attempt at painting a surfboard, so I’m still new to considering water-exposure when I make art =)) Lesson learned. I’m leaving fixative work to surfboard shapers next time this happens!


  5. Touched up paintings that’ve been sitting in the apartment for quite a while.. Check it out on Behance here!


  6. Anonymous said: what song is that on the ateneo ahaw vid? thanks :)

    Boys I Like by Desert Stars!


  7. Anonymous said: Could you please post the link of your desktop? Huhuhu the one with the polariod-ish cam. Like, puuuhlease? Oh em gee. Thank you in return lol.

    If by link, you meant:

    • the actual wallpaper, I found the green version here. I’ve had both in my wallpaper folder for the longest time, so I can’t seem to remember where I found the blue one :))
    • GeekTool widgets, i.e. time, clock, calendar events, etc.. Well, for starters, you can download the program for free here. I had help with the widgets and tidbits of code. But whatever widgets you’re looking for will depend on what you want to put on your desktop, so I guess there’s Google for that..

  8. Just a little something coming up a month from now. :) Drop by if you can!

    Featuring the works of:
    Pamela Celeridad
    Alfred Marasigan

    Exhibit runs from November 16-27

    Opening Reception
    November 16, 2012. Friday. 6:30PM
    2nd Level, The Shops at Serendra,
    Bonifacio Global City,
    Taguig City, Metro Manila

    For inquiries, please contact
    Rio Ambrosio at 09175230877


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