1. Directed and Shot by PATIS SORIANO
    Music by JP DEL MUNDO
    Graphic Design by SARA ERASMO

    Special thanks to:


    I’m holding another exhibit in a few weeks!

    This counts as my second solo and is the collection of work I’m most excited about. It’s been hit-and-miss for me since I picked up a paintbrush, but I’d like to think I’ve gotten closer (pun intended, haha) to the center with this new body of work.

    Drop by and say hi!


  2. Departures

    Songs about leaving.

    Listen on 8tracks!


  3. Delays!

    I’ve accumulated a huuuge backlog and a shit ton has happened in the course of 2 months. I know I’ve promised new entries to this blog time and time again, but it looks like they’ll have to sit in my drafts for a little while longer since I’ve got my hands full with new stuff to work on and a few kinks in life I have to deal with..


    Btw, I’ve moved my main blog over to pamceleridad.com but I’ll only be pushing selected content to Tumblr from here on out. I’ll only be pushing major events and updates, so finished work will all be displayed at my website’s portfolio section! 


  4. I have a new website up! This will house my main portfolio (which will be updated soon!) and blog! But don’t worry, I won’t be deleting this Tumblog :)


  5. Working on new stuff


  6. What went down. Big Bad Wolf, Bonifacio Global City. June 2013.


  7. Live art yo (Rob Cham, Chalk Zaldivar, Dione D’Souza and I). Big Bad Wolf, Bonifacio Global City. June 2013.


  8. Hold still, woman, I’m tryna clean yo batcave


  9. I’m getting sloooooweeeeer