1. Delilah. Acrylic on four canvases. 39.5 x 39.5”, 2012

    Originally mounted in a diamond formation. But since Tumblr doesn’t have that feature, this’ll have to do :) A few of the photos also came out a little blurry, but not to worry! I’ll take a nicer photo of it for my portfolio next time :))


  2. WIP no more~


  3. Last WIP for this piece. In other news, I finally got my camera’s battery fixed! I still miss my phone tho..


  4. Painting this bad boy next week! I love me a challenge (Taken with Instagram)


  5. Been wanting to try GeekTool for so long, but I never had enough patience to understand how to work and tweak out the codes until now! I’ve made separate but similar desktops for work and play. They show pretty much the same stuff with only the color distinguishing one from the other. It isn’t as grand as most GeekTool-pimped desktops, but I’m just happy I got rid of all the clutter :))


  6. Anonymous said: Hi! Where do you get your paintings framed? :)

    A framer from Marikina, referred to me by an art dealer-friend! Send me an email over at pam.celeridad@gmail.com if you want contact details :)


  7. Goodbye data :( (Taken with Instagram)


  8. Finally putting my bookstand to good use haha (Taken with Instagram)